About the founders



It’s super easy to have one pet: walk in a pet store down the street and take one out. We are not going to discuss animal welfare, but the simple question is: How do you treat your furry family member?

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Trust First

OHMYCAT aims to provide our customers customized, professional and trustful services even beyond PSI standard. 


We understand our customers' concern on the security issues of our turnkey pet and home services:


Before services, we will present below documents of us:    

- original (a copy for your records)

- ID original ID scan copy (for your records)

- Your confidentiality promised


About ME :  Rosalia Wu

That question came to me before I looked for the answer. Years ago my husband and I rescued a seriously sick kitten on our way back home after a day trip out of Shanghai. Till now, I’d like to say, it is a life-changing moment for me.


But back that time, it’s a struggle: high medical charge, time-consuming & emotional devotion and life-long commitment. What’s my decision? Now, We have 3 rescued cats, I finished my studies in Veterinarian Medicine as my master degree and the most exciting part is: I set up OHMYCAT.


About ME :  Ricardo Meza

 I have been in China for more than 15 years . As Rosalia says , rescued our first cat was a life changing. Our view of life and carreer definitelly has changed . We transformed our reality.

I'm come from Peru , former lawyer , musician , Spanish teacher ,  meditation coach , theapist in Bio magnetism and holistic healing for many years. Now more devoted to our OHMYCAT , with all the experience in managing emotions therapies to offer to our clients with the intention to transform their life with harmony and mindful approaching towards their life and their furry babies. Happily back to Shanghai after two years of healing trainning in the mountains of Peru.   


We are all worried about our babies when we away. In my case, I tried so hard to seek a best helper before: pet hotels, ayi, friends or other family members. Always, some unexpected surprises awaiting me: a totally dry-out water container, sudden obesity of my cats due to over/irregular feeding, or flea all over. Unfortunately, none of them is adequate for this seemingly simple job. But the final victims are our babies.


Then I realize: because I care of my babies, so I have expectations, which leads to my requirements. Thus, what I am looking for is someone with understanding of my care, with service standard to reach my expectations, and with qualification to meet my requirement.


A Member of PSI

OHMYCAT is proudly entitled as the first member of PSI (Pet Sitters International - the world’s leadingeducational organization for professional pet sitters) in China Mainland. We aim to provide our clients with customized service beyond PSI standard.