Meet Our Pet Sitters

In OHMYCAT, all our pet sitters are true animal lovers at heart. With our strict internal training system and working management, we promise you and your babies our best service quality. 




I became a world traveller to pursue my travelling dream about 4 years ago. Meanwhile I developed my habit of mindful meditation in worldwide temples every year. ‘Living in the present’ and ‘Impermanence’ - two great learning from my travel and mindful meditation experience, at the same time, these 2 elements contribute to my understanding of life: living with peace, health and joy; experiencing pleasure, anger, sorrow and happiness brought by impermanence.


In recent years I’ve made numerous animal friends during my trips and temple life, somehow they surprised me with their sensitivity, wisdom and spirituality, and I totally fall in love with them. They teach me the importance of just being yourself and respecting for all, as we are one.


How does she work with OHMYCAT

In OHMYCAT, I apply all my knowledge and great compassion to understand and look after your babies, to make it a comfortable and caring time for them as if you never leave.