Happy Friends

The favourite part of our work- time with them!  

Everyone is special and Every moment with them is our treasure.

Happy Together With Love

There is a story behind each picture. Happy, interesting, reflecting sometimes heartbreaking; An over loving parent who became desperate to leave her cat for a weekend business trip; a shy cat develops psychologial problems when another 2 cats moves in; a 18-year-old cat has to learn how to adpat a new family since the owner moves to another country; a busy architect trurely loves his puppy but he is really occupied by his work; a mysterious cat owner who never shows up, but only leaves keys & payment to us at building receptionist - his cats are gorgeous, like every pet else.


All these experiences remind us that the strong bond between pets and their owners is far beyond species, language and mind.


It is the reason why OHMYCAT exists.


It is our honor and we feel so grateful to learn, join and enrich your relationship with your babies.