Pet Home Sitting Service


  1. Food/Water refill                                                                                                                   (We strictly follow pet owner’s instruction, and if necessary our suggestion according to the bodyweight & age of the cat will be given as well; No other food will be given without owner’s permission)

  2.  Food/Water containers cleaning

  3.  Litter box cleaning

  4.  Accident Clean-up

  5.  Interaction/ Keep company

       (Lots of cuddling, purring even sometimes all we need is just to sit next to them)

  6.  Long Play Session

       (We will provide with amazing cat toys, if you concern about hygienic issue, please                inform us in advance and provide your own)

  7.  Coat brushing if required/possible

       (Not only for a beautiful look but also preventing skin irritation, extensive pain,                     inflammation, anxiety, infection, and intestine blockage, it’s an important step to spot            the first sign of lumps under the skin too)

  8.  Dog bathroom break

  9.  Special attention to pet’s behavior/habit change

 10. Photo/Video updates

       (Covering your baby, food/water container, litter box, play session, and *the door                  locking video before pet sitter leaves your apartment as a double check)

 11. ​Home security monitoring

       (We won’t let any stranger step in your home without your permission, if we spot                   anything wrong, we will inform you immediately)

 12. Independent pet profiles containing basic information, behavior, and habit will be kept          by us for the benefit of service consistency.

 13. Client confidentiality promised.

 14. The key will be returned in a required way.

Multi-pets Charge:

  • For cats, if over 3 cats/house, 20rmb per additional cat.

  • For dogs, if over 2 dogs/house,30rmb per additional dog.

  • For mixed dogs & cats (below or equal to 3 in all) family, 200rmb/h/visit covering half hour cat sitting and half-hour dog walking for normal days, 250rmb/h/visit for Chinese National Holidays. For over 3 cats and dogs, an additional 20rmb per cat or 30rmb per dog.

Visiting Time:

  • For once/day visit:

       7am-6pm for ordinary days; 6am-9pm for Chinese National Holiday.

       We cannot promise a fixed visiting time for once/day visit booking as the schedule               changes every day. If you do require a specific visiting time, an extra         30rmb/visit will be charged.

  • For twice/day visit:

       7am-10am morning visit; 3pm-6pm evening visit for ordinary days

       6am-11am morning visit; 3pm-9pm evening visit for Chinese National Holiday

2021 Chinese Public Holiday Calendar
Additional Services

* Please purchase ‘Additional Service’ within a pet-sitting contract.

Transportation Charges

For remote areas (1km far from any metro station nearby), in addition to Transportation Charges described below, a taxi fee is also required (with invoice).


* Get an extra 10% off of service fee if inviting a friend successfully. 

(Chinese national holiday excluded, Max.200rmb discount).

* Free pet toy at first service.

* Introductory Visit:

About 1-2 weeks prior to your first time sitting service with us, we will need to pay you and your pet(s) an introductory visit at your home for service details/contract/payment/key handover.

 ( Its FREE if you successfully sign a contract upon our first visit, otherwise 150rmb/h will be charged for the visit. We suggest you to fully understand our service and conditions before making an appointment with us.)

* For booking, contract, and payment:

  1. 100% payment is due at the time of contract signing in our introductory visit. 

  2. If payment is not completed within 24h after the contract (electronic contract) is issued, the booking is considered as unsuccessful.

  3. Full payment upon contract is the only way to secure a successful booking.

* For holiday season booking:

  1. We suggest you book with us at least 1 month in advance.

  2. Due to the great number of orders during holidays, we will have to put every other day (or        more)' orders on the waiting list and we can only confirm with you of our availability when          1-2visits/day orders are fully managed.

* Key handover:

- New booking: we will take the key with us after the introductory visit.

- Booked before:

Equal or over 3 visits booking: we will arrange shipping service (arrives within 1/2 days) for key pick up & cost covered by us;

Less than 3 visits booking: we will arrange shipping service (arrives within 1/2 days) for key pick up & an extra shipping cost will be charged.

- If you require us to pick up the key from you personally, an extra 100rmb will be charged.

* Booking with late notice, we require extra charge:

- Order 2 calendars before (eg: order date-Jan4, service date-Jan6) 5% extra of the total service fee will be charged. 

- Order 1 calendar before (eg: order date-Jan5, service date-Jan6) 10% extra of the total service fee will be charged.

- Order within 1 calendar day (eg: order date-Jan6, service date-Jan6), 20% extra of the total service fee will be charged.

*  All rights reserved.