OHMYCAT provides a broad range of pet services. Started with pet sitting service, we are developing all the time to convert all your worries about your babies into problem solving. 

Let Them Stay Home


East or West, home is the best. Your home is their home too. Stop their destiny in cages when your away from them. Let them stay in cozy home, we will take care of everything else. 

Care, Love

It is all about care and love, it comes from our deep understanding of animals. They can not talk as human, but they are the owner of souls which are equal to all of us. 

Daily Photo/Video Report,

During our service, we try our best to bring them fun and happiness. No more lonliness or sad even you are away. Every day you will receive their photos/videos with big smile when having fun.

Medical Check

Health - it is extremely important. With veterinary background, our priority job is to catch your pet's fist sign of health problem and follow up medical treatment.


It is hard to imagine how dirty a home can be if you are not there. But the truth is many indoor cats/dogs get flea or other skin problems when they are left home alone for a period of time. Beside our basic cleaning during cat sitting, ayi service is available too!  

Professional & Trustful

As a member of PSI Pet Sitting International, we demonstate our professional ethics and expertise through day-to-day service and win customers' heart.