Why Cat Needs Everyday Visits | 为什么猫咪需要每天照料 OHMYCAT宠保姆

With our cat sitting experience with hundreds of kitties since OHMYCAT was set up 3 years ago, I’m impressed by how sweet and loving furry kitties can be, meanwhile so shocked by those dangerous accidents they can be involved in and their mischievous behaviors when they are left alone.

在宠保姆运营的三年多时间以来我们接触了成百上千只家养猫咪 在工作中我们惊讶于猫咪们风格迥异的可爱特质,但同时也为他们偶尔在家淘气或发生意外致使陷入危险情况而捏把冷汗。

Accident Happens

• No matter what time, where, or how, sometimes accident just happens. To lower the possibilities or minimize the consequence of accident, it’s crucial to make sure that you have someone professional, well trained and experienced checks on them and their living environment at least on daily basis.

• We understand some owners are budget conscious, thinking about cheap (or free) pet care solutions – hiring a pet sitterevery other day or even more just to make sure of food, water and othersurvival supplies, or maybe looking for a favor from a friend living nearby or house cleaner.

• We can even understand some owners embrace modern marketplaces, checking on social networking sites to find a individual pet sitter, hoping everything is set all by quick clicks.

• We urge you to stop and read through this article to get some understanding that why your cat needs daily visits from professional pet sitters. Here we’d like to share with you some of the unexpected accidents we had experienced before:


• 无论何时、何地、因为何种原因,意外总是会在不经意间发生。如果您外出前已决定将宠物留在家中,很重要的一点就是要保证有一个专业受过训练且经验丰富的宠保姆每天登门拜访,检查宠物健康状况和居住环境。这样会有效降低宠物在家发生意外的可能性或者说降低意外发生后的危害。

• 我们理解有些宠主想省钱,希望找到更便宜或者免费的宠物托管方式:比如每两天或者更久找人过来照看一次确保基本生存需要的水、食物等 。或者找附近的朋友、保洁阿姨帮忙 。

• 我们甚至可以理解有些宠主通过共享经济催生下的社交网站,在网上快速找到个人来照看宠物。

• 以下是我们工作中实际遇到的案例,我们想通过这次分享让宠主了解为什么我们建议您一定要雇佣专业的宠保姆每天照料。

This is a super athletic kitty. Unfortunately she hit her head hard on furniture/wall when she was playing/running alone at home. Our pet sitter spotted her unusual eye movement and stiff rear limbs right on arrival and rushed her immediately to the vet. She fully recovered from the head trauma after a week of treatment in the hospital.

• We cannot imagine what would happen if no one visits her on that day!


• 如果那一天没有人发现从而耽误了她的治疗后果将不堪设想。

This kitty is the most outgoing one among his big family; he usually waits at the door looking for cuddling upon the pet sitter’s arrival. That day he didn’t show up at the door for his greeting routine, on the contrary the pet sitter found him lying in his bed quietly. When it came to the food time, all kitties rushed to the food as usual besides him - he could walk but slightly crippled. After evaluating the situation the pet sitter got in touch with the owner, and both agreed to take him to the vet tomorrow. Next day, when the pet sitter was ready to take him to vet, the kitty was back to normal with no symptom any more. But we insisted on the necessity of a check up even he looked well for now. And surprisingly he was in fever and the reason of it was a mystery. He recovered after several days of medication.

• A pet sitter pays close attention to pet’s behavior everyday, its important to spot the unusual behavior change at the very beginning, as it might be the first sign of sickness.